Tree trimming prep for Kansas City thunderstorms saves money.

Thunderstorms are most frequent in the Midwest, occurring on average, on 55 days a year as compared to only 25 days in the extreme northern parts of Minnesota and Michigan.
The annual average loss of life due to lightning in the Midwest is 81 persons, with flash floods causing 45 fatalities, and tornadoes averaging 21 deaths per year. Thunderstorms and their products (hail, tornadoes, heavy rains, lightning) cause an average loss in the Midwest of $2.807
billion per year, but thunderstorms also help the Midwest by providing between 40 percent (northern Midwest) to 60 percent (southern sections) of the total annual precipitation.
If your tree’s are not ready to weather the storm, Tree-Mend-Us Care is the go to experts in the Kansas City area with Decades in Business. We can handle any job big or small and fully insured for a piece of mind.

The Midwest experiences a wide variety of severe storms in all seasons, a result of frequent passages of different air masses and unstable atmospheric conditions. Warmer months have thunderstorms, lightning, hail, heavy rains, tornadoes, and high winds, all deadly and often quite damaging
to the environment, crops, and property. The cold season has snowstorms, ice storms, high winds, and sleet storms, also deadly and damaging to the environment and property.

The Midwest has experienced extremely damaging storms, each causing more than a billion dollars in losses and often many lives. The nation’s most deadly tornado in March 1925 occurred in the Midwest with 695 lives lost. The nation’s most damaging hailstorm, causing losses of $1.5 billion, occurred in the Midwest in April 2001, and the region had the nation’s worst floods in 1993 causing $25 billion in losses.[/su_note]

Estimated Tree Care Cost

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