Green leaves are a staple of a good Kansas City summer

Rich, green leaves are a staple of a good Kansas City summer. They’re crisp, bright and a pleasant addition to every landscape. Plus, we love their shady canopy on sunny days. We love trees!

So if you spot yellowing leaves on trees around the Kansas City, you want them to return to their green glory. Here is how.

There are many reasons why you too could see these symptoms. Run down the checklist below to help diagnose your tree.

Test 1: Test for dry soil. Tree’s need water!

If trees aren’t hydrated, the leaves can turn yellow as they try to conserve water.

Test your tree’s moisture by sticking a screwdriver into the soil. If it’s hard to push in, chances are the tree is thirsty and could use a deep watering.

Test 2: Check soil moisture. Tree’s can have to much water!

If the screwdriver test proves there’s moisture deep into the roots, water less.

Your reflex might be to water at the sight of suffering leaves, but overwatering can also lead to yellowing and leaf drop.

Test 3: Inspect and treat

Yellowing leaves and premature leaf drop may point to a leaf disease or summer pest infestation. Consider a free Kansas City tree inspection to identify the pest or disease and the best treatment. Tree-Mend-Us Care of Kansas City Missouri, Overland Park Kansas, and Johnson County Surrounding area.

If an infestation is ruled out, the checkup may reveal a deficiency called chlorosis, which strips leaves of the chlorophyll needed to keep them green.

Begin by performing a soil test and adding any necessary soil amendments. Fertilizer also replenishes lacking nutrients, which in turn helps your tree. Remember, these actions need to happen on a regular basis to have a lasting impact.

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