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I’m Pat Stewart, Owner and Operator of Tree-Mend-Us-Care Tree Service. I know trees like the back of my hand. After all, I’ve been climbing and working with them for over 20 years!

I love trees: they are beautiful and good for the environment, but sometimes those cute little saplings turn into big monsters that can destroy your garden and your property. I came up with the motto: “Trees are great, until trees overtake.”

I started out ground level, Building everything from hard work. I had difficulty seeing some tree company’s disgrace the service, with cheap work, cheap labor, leaving a mess only to get the clients money and be gone. Therefore I decided to offer full service tree removal with respect, honesty and that still understands family value.

The way I conduct my business and deal with life is by making sure I do the right thing. If my customers are not happy, I am not happy, so I make sure to treat them the way I like to be treated as a client. My business depends on doing the job right, as most of my customers come to me as referrals, so I do my best that each of you walks away happy.

We will be happy to come over and give you a free and reasonable estimate. Some companies send out an estimator, then someone else does the job and a third person will be with you on the phone. My phone is open to you always, as I have taken up emergency situations that other tree service companies would not deal with during recent storms in our area.

We are a member of the Better Business Bureau in Kansas City doing business in the Kansas City Metro and Overland Park Kansas area over 15 years and 30 years experience. We Recently added a fully secured facility command center strategically placed at 155th street, This keeping fuel cost, damage/miles low. As the crews are closer to the work, resulting in a great value to you! And easy to get free firewood from time to time~

If we can help you with anything you see here on the website please contact us. We would love to help! As we continue to grow our own branches in the Kansas City Metro, Overland Park Kansas areas. Our roots are well grounded by our reputation~

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