Kansas City Tree Care: Wound Dressings &Tree Pruning Tools

As a Kansas City home or business owner, you may not be familiar with wound dressings or the proper care and replacement of pruning and other tools used in the trimming, pruning, or removal of trees. We have some information below we believe you will find useful.
At one time, wound dressings were believed to speed up wound closure and reduce decay after a cut was made in a tree. However, recent research has revealed that wound dressings (also referred to by some as “tree paint”) may be effective in reducing borer attack in some cases, and may be useful in controlling sprout production or mistletoe.
In the majority of cases, a cut made to a tree does not require wound dressing; they are primarily used for cosmetic purposes. If you do choose to apply a wound dressing to a cut you have made (such as removal of a dead limb), be sure to use a light coating of a product that is non-toxic.
On another note, when you need to hire a Kansas City tree service for trimming or pruning trees, or to completely remove a tree or stump, it’s vital to make sure the company uses the proper tools for the scope of work to be performed. Many consumers are interested in the cheapest bid, and while we know everyone likes to save money, the old adage “You get what you pay for” is certainly true in many cases.
Tree trimming and removal companies who submit a dirt-cheap bid often don’t maintain their tools properly. For instance, a company may not spend the money to replace blades on a frequent basis, or purchase chains and cutting blades after cutting and removing a diseased tree. When a company doesn’t replace blades and chains, it could result in your own healthy tree becoming diseased if the company were to use these tools in the trimming or maintenance of your trees.
Certain tools can inflict damage on living tissue and the bark of trees beyond the scope of the work being performed. For instance, the spikes climbers use to climb trees should be sanitized every day to prevent damage or disease to living tissue.
One very important note here: NEVER let a climber into a soft wood tree while wearing spikes. Even when climbing a hardwood tree with spikes on, make sure the climber is wearing spikes that have been properly sanitized prior to entry of any tree on your property.
At Tree-Mend-Us Care tree service, we take the health of our customers’ trees very seriously. We understand the importance of not only using the right tools and equipment and implementing safety practices, but proper sanitation and replacement of chains, blades, pruners, and spikes as well. Maintaining healthy, beautiful trees is a huge aspect of our business, and what we’re passionate about. For all of your tree trimming, pruning, and removal needs, count on the experts at Tree-Mend-Us Care tree service.

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