KANSAS CITY, Mo. —Strong storms moved through the Kansas City area Wednesday, bringing hail, heavy rain and high wind’


.Northern Missouri sees 1st spring stormsStrong storms moved through northern Missouri and Kansas City on Wednesday, the first taste of severe weather the region has seen this season.

A tornado watch and severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for a wide area in northwest Missouri and Kansas City. No tornadoes were reported, but people in those areas did see strong wind gusts and hail.

In Kansas City, lightning struck a large tree near North 38th Street and North Brighton Avenue. The top of the tree broke off and fell, taking down some power lines with it. A neighbor told homeowner Kevin Felts that he saw lightning hit the tree and then an explosion as the power lines came down.

“(He) said a big bolt of lightning came down and hit the tree and everything came down just instantly,” Felts said. “Everybody. The whole street’s out of power. Even the street back up behind me is even out of power.”

He said something similar happened about 10 years ago and caused $20,000 in damage at his Kansas City home. He thought this damage would only cost a couple thousand dollars and was covered by insurance.

As of 9 p.m. Wednesday, about 9,000 Kansas City Power and Light customers in the region were without service.

Strong hail was also reported in Kansas City, including here at the KMBC 9 News studios.

Sharply lower temperatures were expected to follow the storm and Thursday morning’s commute could bring rain and snow showers.

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