Record breaking moisture and winter tree effects Kansas city

What does record breaking rain and flood levels in Kansas city mean to your property and tree’s?
You might find out this winter.
High moister levels in the summer generally mean a strong snow fall is coming.
What can you do now?
Have your trees thinned. This will save you headaches this winter. Giving your trees a healthy look and keep the weight from the snow from damage to the tree and your property.
There are various reasons why thinning should be employed
as a management practice in pine stands. Thinning
promotes the growth of individual trees within a stand by
removing surrounding trees, which compete for water,
sunlight, and soil nutrients. Most natural and planted stands
require thinning at certain stages of their development in
order to sustain good tree growth throughout the life of the
stand. Thinning is beneficial to the overall health of a stand
of trees. Certain methods of thinning allow for the removal
of a greater portion of diseased trees and trees that are of
poor quality and form. Many of these poorly formed,
cankered trees will die before the final harvest. Therefore
the landowner is capturing an early economic return with
the thinning (removal) of these poor quality trees.
Call Tree-mend-us care in Kansas 913-964-3480 and in Missouri 816-215-6213 for a free estimate from the local owned insured Kansas city tree service.

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